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Stand alone Products

This is a hobby website which presents free web quizzes in various forms.

You may use any product or code as you please, ideally providing due recognition back to Quizbuilder Software, which is a sample name for the purpose of presentation.

Products include VBAQuizbuilder which is an Microsoft Excel based, quiz creation tool, demonstrating the use of Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.



Web based Products

I also produce WebQuizbuilder, which is an HTML based, quiz creation tool for websites.


What is WebQuizbuilder?

WebQuizbuilder is a software tool which you use to create a quiz for your website. It is made up of two javascripts, which, when combined together, create a quiz according to your specifications.


How does WebQuizbuilder work?

You insert two javascripts into the head section of an HTML file.


How do I make my own quiz?

First you obtain the two javascripts. One is a data script, one is a driving engine, or builder script. Here is a demonstration.

You open the data script, using a text editor, for example, Microsoft Notepad, and add your questions and answers into the script.

You then place both scripts into an HTML file, and click the refresh button. The driving engine reads the data from the data file and builds the quiz.


WebQuizbuilder Background

WebQuizbuilder is based on the principal of duality. From two halves you create a whole.

The user needs to edit the code, without actually seeing it, and potentially tampering with it.

Sadly, some people steal javascript code, reverse engineer it, and pass it off as their own.

Quizbuilder Software solves this problem by encrypting some part of the code, such that the user enters data, without accessing the rest of the code.

This is done by having two scripts. A data script and a driving engine.

The driving engine reads the data script.

The driving engine, (the encrypted builder script) is quizbuilder_E. The data script (user input script) is quizdata.js..

You do not need to know how the driving engine works, only that the driving engine reads the data, and that you need to enter data into the data script.

When you have entered your data, you apply the driving engine (the encrypted builder script) to the data, and the quiz builds itself.

From two things, a third forms. Male and female give birth to a child.

In chemistry, hydrogen and oxygen, forms water. H2 and O2 = H20

When the two halves combine (in the right way), the product forms.

In this case, you get a useful educational tool, a quiz based upon your own data and your own CSS styles, which you can post to a website.


WebQuizbuilder Features

Using WebQuizbuilder software you can create practically any type of text based quiz, and post it to the net.

You create a quiz by simply inserting ten questions and answers into a javascript.

You can customize the look of a quiz or test, by applying styles to the code.

You have full control over your quiz's color scheme and font. You can enhance your questions and answers with your own HTML.

With WebQuizbuilder you don't have to be concerned about screen size. Quizzes created using the software, scale to any screen resolution.

WebQuizbuilder works by providing a script into which you enter data, along with a secondary driving engine which creates the framework. If you can open a javascript file and enter text into variables, then you can produce a quiz using WebQuizbuilder.

When you have entered your questions and answers into the script, save the file and place it in the head section of your web page. You then add the secondary script and WebQuizbuilder creates your quiz.


Additional Features

Easy to customize - simply enter data into a script and save.

Scales to any screen resolution.

Font customization available.

Color customization available.

Simple and straightforward - only two javascripts to run everything.