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VBAQuizbuilder is a stand alone quiz application which you can install on any windows based computer with XP or above.

VBAQuizbuilder builds a quiz using questions and answers that you supply.

You can create a quiz on any subject and easily distribute it to any computer which has Microsoft Excel 2003 or above.
The program is very simple to use, requires no programming experience, and is quite robust and reliable.

The product uses a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet database as the back-end to present data to a VBA form as shown above.
The database distributes your questions and answers, styles and color scheme, onto an aesthetically pleasing application.

If you are a teacher or corporate trainer, you can use this product to create a quiz for your students.
You insert your questions and answers into the database, click a few buttons and Quizbuilder software builds the quiz.

The user never sees the database, and cannot alter the scoring, or the questions and answers.
The product is saved as a .xlsm file (excel macro enabled file) and opened by simply double clicking.

You can make any number of copies, by simply renaming the product.
This product is a sample, with limited access to the database. You can only create four questions.

In the full product, you have up to twenty questions, full access to the database, and a password which you can reset to whatever you like.
A useful and exciting feature of this program, is that the full product gives you the ability to access the back-end spreadsheet which serves as the database for the program.

You do not need to tediously type, or copy paste each question and answer into a text box, as you do in the sample, or as you would in some other database, even an SQL database. You can use all the Microsoft Excel functionality that you are used to, to copy paste whole blocks of text.

For example, you might buy or obtain a block of ten questions and answers in text format. You open up the spreadsheet and simply copy-paste the lot into the questions and answers section.

When you close the product, VBAQuizbuilder builds a quiz from your input, randomly distributing the answers.
Another useful feature is that, once you have purchased the product, it is for all intents and purposes, your property. You can make any number of copies and redistribute them. As the developer, the code is my own property, and is copyright, but the rest of the quiz is yours.

To download this sample quiz here, click on the image above. The full product will be available soon.

If you think you have a use for the full product, please email me at and if you are one of the first twenty responses, Quizbuilder Software will supply it for free.

Another option is to use the 'Response-o-matic' email form on the 'How to Order' menu above.

You may download a sample quiz here